We're Lusting Over These 6 Bedrooms From Our Favorite Movies

We're Lusting Over These 6 Bedrooms From Our Favorite Movies

Have you ever watched a movie that features a major character's bedroom and thought, "Woah. I NEED that bedroom." You are not alone. What you are experiencing in that moment can be clinically classified as "bedroom envy." According to a scientific journal we made up, bedroom envy is "a mental state which afflicts many young movie viewers that causes one to deeply desire the bedroom of a fictional character." If you feel you suffer from this painful condition, please don't read on. The following images have been known to trigger EXTREME bedroom envy. You've been warned...

For the angsty teen spirit: Kat Stratford's bedroom in 10 Things I Hate About You

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From hipster posters to that colorful comforter, Kat's sanctuary gets any alternative high school kid super excited. Also, Kat was kind of the greatest role model for anyone struggling to be themselves back in those awkward teen years.

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For the bohemian beach bum: Donna Sheridan's bedroom in Mamma Mia!

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A cottage-like bedroom with pale-blue walls and breathtaking ocean views? We're already booking our plane tickets to Greece!

Calling all the Dancing Queens to the stage! [Note: In this world, the bed is the stage.]

For the fashion forward: Cher Horowitz's bedroom in Clueless

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Like Cher, you desperately care about style and it shows. Your outfits are the talk of the school. What you call the place you sleep, others call a department store. AS IF!

Now you've got bedroom envy and closet envy. Recommended cure: a trip to Pottery Barn followed by trying on clothes at Bloomingdales.

For the royally inclined minimalist: Princess Jasmine's bedroom in Aladdin

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Opulent furniture with a few decorative pieces, an exotic animal, and a huge amount of open space make up Miss Jasmine's chamber. Don't you just love the sound of high heels on marble floors? At least you'll know if anyone is ever coming.

We want a best friend that's a tiger named Rajah too! (Gif source)

For the artistic alternative: Mia Thermopolis' bedroom in The Princess Diaries

(Image source)

It's a loft-style urban oasis in a former San Francisco firehouse! We can't think of a better place for your artistic spirit to thrive.

Slide down the fire pole each morning? It doesn't get much better than this. (Image source)

For the queen bee: Regina George's bedroom in Mean Girls

(Image source)

The fact that Regina is so spoiled that her parents gave her their bedroom may rub you the wrong way. But once you see the space, you forget about that little detail. Regina's inner sanctum is what any social butterfly deserves in high school. 

This almost makes us miss high school.

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