This Man Speaks Real Talk About Unjust Attacks on African Americans...Must Watch!

This Man Speaks Real Talk About Unjust Attacks on African Americans...Must Watch!

You've GOT to watch this clip! This man makes a very interesting connection to the prejudice, hatred, and brutality that black people continue to face even in 2016….by using the Bible!

Dana Stevens, who’s based in Chicago, gave his opinion straight, no chaser, on the unjust treatment of black people not only now, but in the span of years since Africans were first brought to this country as slaves. "I’m going to speak very black and white, because, let’s be honest, it’s a black and white issue,” he boldly stated at the beginning of the clip.

Taking us to the Bible (the book of Exodus to be exact), Dana speaks of how, in Egypt, Pharaoh became fearful that the Israelites were growing too much in number and power. First, he tried making them slaves, but they still grew.  Then Pharoah tried to get midwives to kill off the Hebrew baby boys, and, when they refused, he made a decree that all Hebrew baby boys were to be drowned in the Nile River.

Using that true story, Dana then broke it down to today, and we see the very clear connection to how black people are treated in correlation with how the Israelites were treated. Black people were first brought into this country as slaves in the first place, but continued to rise up. 

Through lynching, through the Civil Rights Movement, welfare, prison, black folks continue to rise in number, power and success.

Watch the video in full below...

So now, according to Dana,  now the power is shifting from white folks’ hands, some are scared, and are killing black people off to regain “control.” 

 “Until we admit, that when we wrote this Constitution that ‘all men are created equal,’ that we never intended to include our black brothers and sisters, our nation may end up facing exactly what the Egyptians faced when they refused to let God’s people go.”  

We'll wait right here while you just let that soak in....

Dana even went as far as to say that the bloodshed that has happened and continues to happen is basically on white folks’ hands and not black people. And that they need to repent and change. And this is ALL coming from a WHITE man.

Damn...that’s definitely one real way to think of it!  It was an interesting perspective that was really refreshing to hear coming from a white man himself. And it shows that there are those who are on the right side of history, regardless of race.  

Do you think this guy was spot on, or was he going a little far with his comparison? Weigh in!

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