Don't Ever Let Your Dog Drive!! WTF?!

Don't Ever Let Your Dog Drive!! WTF?!
Huffington Post

Two dogs crashed a car into the side of a Walmart store in West Virginia on July 30th. Yes, you read that right. Two dogs. TWO DOGS. CRASHED A CAR. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

Well, investigators were asking the exact same thing. And who can blame them? This doesn't really happen everyday. AND WE SHOULD'VE KEPT IT THAT WAY. Their questions revealed that an elderly woman, in about her 70's, had left her pets in the back of the car as she went to go shopping inside the Walmart. You know, the one her DOGS crashed into? Yeah, THAT'S THE ONE. She made sure to note that she left the car's air conditioner on. Which, good on her, we guess? But what about the Walmart?

While she was inside, running her errands, doing what she needed to do, her dogs managed to put her car in drive. And DRIVE THEY DID, CLEARLY.

A witness is quoted saying, "I didn't know dogs can drive." Neither did we, man. Neither did we.

The entire incident was witnessed by an employee on her break sitting outside, as she watched the car slowly approach the building. But at that point, what could she do.

The employees inside then went to inform the people over the intercom, and the woman went to check out if her car and dogs were okay. Luckily, the dogs weren't injured (and the one in the passenger seat managed to climb out of the car from the window. He's smart.) and the woman was able to drive home afterwards. So it's safe to say, neither the car or the building suffered irreparable damages.

The story has made national news. Now, we love stories about dogs as much as anybody, but we'd rather they not be about dogs that CRASHED A CAR.

So if you're going to take anything away from this story, just please, don't leave your dogs in a car alone. You'd figure that'd be common sense, but even with the AC on, with water and their favorite music, they shouldn't be left alone. At least get them licensed first.

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