She Tried It!! TSA Hit The Jackpot When They Busted A Woman Smuggling 27 Pounds Of Cocaine In Her Wheelchair

cocaine wheelchair

Getting busted for drugs at the airport is nothing new. But usually, it’s a teenager with a half-ounce ounce of weed he’s trying to smuggle to Florida for spring break.

That wasn’t the case in New York though, were a woman just tried to smuggle 27 pounds of coke into the United States using a *creative* smuggling technique.

You could say she made it halfway. Yoncela Stanley’s flight took off from St. Lucia in the Caribbean without any problem – except the half-million dollars worth of blow on board.

That’s right, the street value of the narcotics Stanley was moving is $468,000. That’s roughly two brand new Lamborghini’s, or how much a Kardashian makes for one half-naked post to Instagram.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, how the hell did she hide twenty-seven pounds of drugs? The answer is surprisingly crafty: in her motorized wheelchair.

That’s right -- Stanley was cruising through airports with half a mil in blow like she was rolling through Central Park on a beautiful day. And her disguise almost worked, since no human TSA officer had any idea what was going on.

But that’s why we have dogs. One of the drug sniffers immediately marked Stanley, and a quick investigation of her seat revealed the absolutely massive stash.

Stanley’s been charged with importing a controlled substance, and the dog that caught her hopefully is being given all the treats he wants for being a good boy. 

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