Say What? White Man Uses Blackface Disguise To Rob Bank

Man in blackface robbed a bank
East Bay Times

It's no secret that blackface is offensive and it shouldn't be done FOR ANY REASON! NOT ONE! Not Halloween, not for a joke, not for nothing!

But this universally understood rule didn't stop one white man from trying to disguise himself as Black in order to rob a bank! read that right. ROB A BANK!

'Cause of course, it's easier to blame all crimes on the "Black guy." 

According to the East Bay Times, police arrested 40-year-old Jarred Schmittle recently for the Aug. 18 Wells Fargo bank robbery in Riverside County, California.

This dude came in with his beanie and face that looked like mud. Clearly, he wasn't fooling anybody with that blackface nonsense!

Investigators learned a white man, “with obvious dark makeup to disguise his appearance,” had given a teller a note that demanded money, officials said. The man also told the teller he had a gun.

Cool and collected, the bank teller hit off the silent alarm that notified police that the bank was under distress. 

After waiting for a few seconds, the man, later identified as Schmittle, ran off without getting any money, sheriff’s officials said. 

You big dummy! What was the point?

While police had his ugly mug on tape, it took them a few months to actually figure out that it was Schmittle and where he lived. But thanks to a few leads called in after the FBI released images of the robbery, they eventually got a warrant to search Schmittle's Lake Elsinore, California, home. 

And that's when they got him! Schmittle was later arrested on November 1st and booked in the Cois Byrd Detention Center.

Hey...that's what he gets! It's not known why Schmittle felt the need to rob the bank--or if he has a history of robbing banks or committing other crimes. But this is what we do know: There are LESS RACIST WAYS to commit crimes. 

But what really works our nerves is that while Schmittle may have been trying to disguise his whiteness, it's important to point out that little stunts like these can put actual real-life Black men in danger, especially if police think that a Black man actually did it. 

He outta be ashamed of himself. #NotOK

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