Just When You Thought Chaka Khan Was Still On Hiatus She's Dropping New Music On Her New iKhan Label...BOOM!

Chaka Khan
Chaka Khan via Instagram

Hold onto your seats because we're about to tell you somethin' good! R&B legend Chaka Khan will release a new single called "I Love Myself" featuring B. Slade on June 16 and is doing it on her own label, iKhan Sounds. But that's not all. The diva will also be releasing an album that she recorded with Prince before he died!

According to Daily Star, the project will be released next year. She shared with them what to expect on the new album. "I own half an album that we did together recorded at my house, so we will be doing that, probably next year," Kahn said. "It's half songs from my Rufus era and half my old stuff."

Khan is also working on an album that features covers by legendary songwriter and longtime friend Joni Mitchell. "Joni is my girl and has been for a long time and she’s such a great songwriter," she told Essence in April. "I’m doing an album of her material, done my way. It’s about me bringing my flavor to her songs. I will have some extra garlic and hot sauce. I hope to have a couple of tracks ready to be released soon."

We'll be seeing even more of Chaka Khan as a celebrity judge on a new televised singing competition called "Pitch Battle." The UK-based show is set to air this summer with Khan appearing in August. A departure from solo duels, "Pitch Battle" features choirs going head-to-head for best pitch, best soloist performance, and best a capella performance. 

Other guest judges include Seal and Joe Jonas while one of the regular judges will be "Milkshake" singer and now chef Kelis.

"It sounds like a pretty cool show," she said. "It's a choir competition. I don't know what to expect because I haven't judged yet. I come back in August, but so far it seems like good work."

With all of these projects ahead, we will soon be reminded of the greatness that is Chaka Khan. She is indeed a gift to music who is generous enough with her talents and experience to pay it forward.

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