"Don't Talk To Police, Talk To Your Attorney": Prof. Exposes Justice System Flaw How People Implicate Themselves

Flaw In Justice System
Photo courtesy: blog.beautaub.com

Professor James Duane is keeping it way real! His legal advice? It's super easy to lie without knowing your lying. Your answers could be used to crucify you even if you're telling the truth and are innocent. It's the way the human mind works, processes things, etc.

His advice: Do NOT talk to the POLICE! (Talk to your lawyer).

In the video below, Duane lectures a class at Regents University on how easy it is for someone to be tricked into lying or implication yourself. Watch and see how you do on the pop quiz at the 2 minute mark!

Obviously, there are certain circumstances that you might feel threatened or forced to speak to police. If possible, wait it out. The point is, it's always best to have an attorney present, even if you are innocent. You have the right to an attorney...is not just rhetoric. It might save you from implicating yourself unknowingly in a crime.


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