Harvey Weinstein Got Slapped In The Face At A Restaurant And It Was ALL Caught On Video

Harvey Weinstein

Ahh, karma.

TMZ reports that disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein was recently confronted and slapped in the face by a man at an Arizona restaurant, and the entire (bizarre) encounter was caught on tape.

The 65-year-old alleged serial predator was apparently dining in Scottsdale on Tuesday when a guy name Steve approached him and asked him for a photo. Steve told the gossip site that Weinstein was rude and said no, but one of the restaurant's managers claimed Weinstein was "sweet" and declined politely. 

Regardless, Steve was pretty pissed that Weinstein wouldn't take a selfie with him, so as the two men left the restaurant, Steve called Weinstein "a piece of s**t" and slapped him in the face twice.

See for yourself:

We've got one question for you, Steve: Is he "a piece of sh*t" because he didn't take a picture with you, or is he "a piece of sh*t" for allegedly abusing his power and assaulting women? Asking for a friend. 

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