Two Armed Men Walk Into A Police Station and Leave With Their Lives

Two Armed Men Walk Into A Police Station and Leave With Their Lives

What do you do when you’re upset about being stopped by the police? If you guessed filing a complaint with the police department, you guessed wrong.

On Sunday afternoon, two masked men entered the Dearborn Police Department ready to air their grievances. Oh, and they were also armed with an AP-14 gun and a camera to film it all.

(Photo: John Wiseley/Detroit Free Press)

This all came after being pulled over as police were searching for two masked men, armed and wearing tactical gear, reported at a nearby shopping center. The officers didn’t find any guns and promptly released the men.

As if walking away from a traffic stop with their lives still intact wasn’t enough, the two men who were upset with how they were treated, decided that they needed to make a statement.

“We felt a little afraid for our lives when we were pulled over, so we wanted to prove a point.” one man can be heard saying in the recording.

Dearborn police are being praised for the restraint that they showed during the ordeal. The restraint that too many unarmed men and women didn’t live to experience.

“It was pretty clear that they were there to make a statement.” said Lt. Gary Mann of the Dearborn Police Department.

The pair was taken into custody and the police eventually seized a loaded AP-14, a rifle magazine containing 47 rounds, a loaded Glock 19, an AK-47, AR-15, and their tactical gear including ballistic vests and body armor.

After posting a $1,500 bail each, the men were released, and are awaiting court dates facing three misdemeanor charges and possibly more to come.

Must be nice.

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