Top 15 Ways to UN-Fuck Yourself!

Top 15 Ways to UN-Fuck Yourself!

Everyone has heard the ominous term 'Go FUCK Yourself!' You know. It has that--stop everything you're doing and get the HELL out of my face, twang to it. 

That--stop trying to get in my head and go fuck your own brain space up, feel. 

Or even that--your time would be better spent fucking yourself than fucking with me thing going for it. I'm sure we're all familiar...

But what about UN-fucking yourself???

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For those of you who have never heard this term, it's the act of getting yourself back to the beautiful light you were before the crap happened to you that dimmed your shine. You know, undoing those things that made you feel less than, or even worthless.

The key is removing yourself from the things that make us bitter and jaded. Saying no to anything that robs you of your happiness or whom you aspire to be. 

I'm sure that you know better than anyone what got you to the current state you're in. Various sources and schools of thought say that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. How about trying these 15 steps on for a spell? Worse case scenario, you end up feeling pretty good about yourself. Why??? Because you'll get closer to the you that was all shiny and bright, before the world got you down. That alone makes it worth a try. It's time to get to the business of getting YOU back together. 

We, hereby, challenge you to get UN-Fucked. 

1. Stay away from people who drain your positive energy.

Especially, if they can't replenish it. People who criticize, Debbie Downers, gossips, and people who talk a lot of crap wreak havoc on the soul. If you feel worn out in someone's presence, it's a pretty good sign that you need to give them some distance.

2. Spend 10 minutes a day in quiet reflection, prayer, or meditation.

No TV. No phone. No kids. No spouse. Nobody. Just you.

3. If it feels wrong in the pit of your stomach, don't partake.

I don't care if you've already committed. I don't care if you feel like people are going to talk junk to you. Follow your gut (studies from Johns Hopkins University to The Berkeley Science Review are calling it your second brain).

4. Take time to know yourself. 

Some people don't even know their own likes and dislikes. They just go along with what someone else is saying. Spend some time getting familiar with yourself. Then, to thine own self be true.

5. Treat people like you want to be treated. 

If you wouldn't like it, neither will they. Self explanatory.

6. Be randomly kind.

The world needs more goodness. (You can over do this one, if you like).

 7. Don't stand for mistreatment.

Not even from your family members. You don't have to be mean to stand your ground. And, it's okay to say no without a long explanation. Love yourself.

8. Don't let money be the driving force behind every move you make.

Who were you before you knew the value of money? Take time to reflect on the things that you enjoyed...or that meant the most to you when you didn't have a dime.

9. Listen to soothing music.

Music with no words is awesome! It gives your brain a chance to flow freely with the vibes.

10. Volunteer!

Or, teach someone how to do something good that you do well.

11. Have fun. 

As we grow up, we become so bogged down with responsibilities. Don't forget to keep fun as a part of your life.

12. Laugh as much as possible. 

Don't take yourself so seriously. If we can find humor in situations, we keep ourselves light.

13. Eat good food and drink plenty of water. 

Taking in as many fruits, vegetables, and whole foods whenever possible is best. Avoiding additives, preservatives, bleached and processed foods will do wonders for your body. Also, drinking at least 8 glasses of high alkaline pure water is a plus. Don't forget your fresh juices!

14. Get some exercise.

It's cool to go hard with the exercise, if that's what you do. Hey, have muscles and get your sexy on! But, studies show that even walking for just 30 minutes 3 times a week can improve your life immensely. Researchers at The European Society of Cardiology Congress showed, in a study of 69 participants, that walking triggered anti-aging benefits. It even helped to repair old DNA in people between the ages of 30 and 60. So, don't be afraid to start small, you'll still reap great benefits. Plus, walking gives you a chance to get out into nature, or the world, or out of you car... You know what I mean!

15. Love and accept yourself for exactly who you are.

We have spent our whole lives being analyzed and critiqued by others. So much so, that we sometimes we become uncomfortable in our own skins. At times, the remnants of negativity can make it very hard to look at the person in the mirror and just love him/her unconditionally. But, that's just what we must learn to do. 

Today, I want you to start with a simple phrase. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I love and accept you just the way you are". Even if you don't mean it yet, do it anyway. Everyday, when you wake up, and you go to look in your mirror and repeat this phrase. Get in the habit of hearing yourself, loving you...flaws and all. This habit will help you to develop patience and tenderness with yourself when you make mistakes. 

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