Tiffany Haddish Rocks Saturday Night Live And Makes History While Doing It

Tiffany Haddish hosting SNL

If you loved Tiffany Haddish's brand of funny in "Girl's Trip," you gotta see her on the latest Saturday Night Live!

Our girl not only made history by being the first Black woman comedian to host SNL since its 43 seasons on air, but she brought the funny bigtime!!! 

We knew it was on when she hit the Nae Nae in the opening while wearing a curve fitting all white $4,000 Alexander McQueen dress that she unapologetically announced she will wear again. That's why everybody loves her. She's just real down to earth and keeps it 100. 

You can't help but feel at home with Tiffany. From the jump, she held our attention while introducing herself as one of the stars from this year's hit movie Girl's Trip. She then clarified that while the movie made over $100 million, she hasn't since her piece of the pie yet. She expertly moved from gut busting jokes to giving the audience a brief look into her background as a foster child. The funny woman credited her performing on stage to anyone who paid their taxes from 1990 to 1999.

Watching Tiffany handle hosting SNL like a pro makes you wonder where she's been all this time? Why is the world just being introduced to her? Most don't know that Tiffany has been on the comedy scene for a long time. Tiffany was doing stand up on Def Jam Comedy way back in the day.  Suffice to say, Tiffany ain't new to this, but she's true to this. 

You know she did her thang when other comedians put respect on her name. Among others, Fellow stand up comedian, Leslie Jones, gave Haddish a shoutout on Instagram for her epic SNL performance.

Tiffany also used her platform to address relevant topics, like sexual harassment of women. Keeping it comical, she gave men her 'Tiff Tip' saying, "Listen fellas, if you got your thing thing out and she got all her clothes on, you're wrong!" #YallListening

SNL was on the struggle bus recently, but thanks to Tiffany, fans are laughing at the historical show once again. She plays Claw-dia in the 'Whiskers R We' skit and it is hilarious. This is the fifth version of this skit and by far the funniest. Tiffany uses her improv skills to turn uncooperative cats into the best joke of the entire skit by saying "I got the pu**ies." 

One time for Tiffany Haddish! We are looking forward to more laugh-til-you-cry moments from her. 

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