This Homeless Man Stood On The Same Corner For Years, Then A Stranger Changed His Life Forever

This Homeless Man Stood On The Same Corner For Years, Then A Stranger Changed His Life Forever

This a story that will warm your heart.

A Texas woman named Ginger Sprouse drive by the same man on a street corner 4 times a day. His name was Victor Hubbard; he was always friendly and had a kind word for her. 

Ginger got to know Victor by visiting with him on her lunch break. As they started a friendship, she learned the heartbreaking reason he stood on that particular corner every day. It was the last place he saw his mother, 3 years ago. He was waiting and hoping to see her again. Ginger offered to have Victor come to her home when the weather was bad.

Here's a short news clip:

Victor has mental health issues and needed proper care, off the streets. Ginger also knew that winter was coming, so she went into action. In December, she set up a Facebook page called This is Victor, to introduce him to the world and hopefully get him the help he deserved. 

Since Ginger set up the page, she has been able to get Victor healthcare, get him off the street corner and gave him a job in the kitchen of the restaurant she owns. A Go Fund Me page started to raise money to help support Victor, and the community threw a block party to help raise funds as well.

Perhaps the best part of this story is that the publicity Victor's story received from the Facebook page led to a reunion with his mother. One of his uncles saw the story and was able to arrange for them to meet again.

“She came around and she kind of saved me. It’s like grace,” Victor told reporters. 

The world needs more people like Ginger Sprouse who don't just pass people like Victor by without getting to know them as a neighbor. 

How many of us would stop to help this brother out? It makes you think. 

But we are thankful that things have been looking up for Victor, and that he and Ginger formed such a special friendship.

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