These Soccer Fans Were Convicted Of Racist Violence After Pushing A Black Man Off A Train

These Soccer Fans Were Convicted Of Racist Violence After Pushing A Black Man Off A Train
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This makes no sense why people would think it's OK to do this. 

Four Chelsea Football Club fans pushed a black man off a crowded Paris Metro train in February 2015, then bragged about it in a song.  They were just convicted of racist violence. 

The four fans, whose actions were caught on video, were handed suspended prison sentences Tuesday and ordered to pay 35-year-old salesman Souleymane Sylla fines totaling nearly $10,500, AJ+ reported.

Two of the four men had appeared in court to argue that their actions were not racist — even though the group chanted "We're racist, we're racist, and that's the way we like it" after pushing Sylla out of the railcar.

Joshua Parsons (22), one of the men who went to court, admitted on record that he repeatedly pushed Sylla out of the railcar but said he "wasn't racist in any way" and didn't participate in the chant, which he personally "did not like."

Parsons, who lost his London finance job following the incident, said he had five drinks before heading to the Chelsea game on the Metro and didn't notice that Sylla was black when he pushed him out of the car — only that Sylla was "bigger than me."

"The only time I knew the skin colour was when I saw the video afterwards," Parsons said.

Sylla, a father of four, had told a panel of three judges that his life was "shaken up" by the incident. According to The Guardian, he had to stop working, couldn't take the Metro for nine months, and took medication to cope with lingering trauma.

In addition to their sentences, Chelsea F.C. has prohibited them from buying tickets to its games and banned them from its stadium for life.

"Well, it's a feeling of justice that I see," Sylla said after the verdict was announced, "And justice has been served."

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