The Real Reason Your Liberal White Friends Won't Admit That The Last Election Had Anything To Do With Race

The Real Reason Your Liberal White Friends Won't Admit That The Last Election Had Anything To Do With Race
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Ok, so here's the thing. The election of Donald Trump has left Americans across every demographic dumbfounded, with the exception of the people who actually voted for him. Everybody from Black folk to the FBI has been blamed for Hillary Clinton's loss. Have you noticed that your liberal, white friends have been engaged in endless chatter about the future of Obamacare, the environment, and the economy? Why is that, you might ask? Either these are the issues that they really care about, or it diverts the attention away from the racist Republican elephant in the room. Maybe a little of both?

Noticeably absent from their conversations are fears about immigration reform, the epidemic of police brutality, the future of Standing Rock and the #DAPL, and cuts of social programs that directly benefit minority communities. And even with Trump's overtly deliberate choices of Klan-connected cabinet members, the conversation that is not happening around the water cooler is the fact that this election was all about race. 

Yes, everybody has liberal White friends. You know them. They dap you up at the gym and appropriate your "boxer braids" while doing little or nothing to address issues that adversely affect the Black community. You see them doing music with Timberland, sharing the stage with you at the Super Bowl, exposing your bosom, standing by watching you get Blackballed, and then do remakes of your dead brother's vaulted music catalog. They steal tracks from Marvin Gaye and let Pharrell take the blame when the family sues for copyright infringement. You get "Biebered" and then they get gone.

Yep. These are the cool, progressive types who wanted to "Feel the Bern." And boy did they ever. The ones who didn't secretly vote for Trump (yeah, some of them did) ended up getting roasted as they watched Hillary go down in flames on election night. Regardless of who won the coveted race, White liberals everywhere would still win. Why? Because this election boiled down to the battle between two very White-privileged candidates. 

Check it. Hillary, Bernie, and "the Donald" all made race a factor during their bids for the White House. Bernie conjured up ghosts of Civil Rights past, Hillary threw hot sauce in her bag, and the man with the small hands embraced the Klan. You can't make this stuff up. 

Hillary figured that she could show up at Black Girls Rock, do photo ops with the Mothers of the Movement, and founded the UNCF (not the United Negro College Fund, rather the United Negro Concert Fund) as a last-ditch effort to get Black celebrities to serenade Black folks to the polls. She thought that she could make them forget about her infamous Super Predator tweet, her hubby's Crime Bill, and her love for the genocidal founder of Planned Parenthood, Marge Sanger. But, even Mary J. Blige's remix of her Burger King Crispy Chicken Wraps commercial couldn't get the job done:

Trump remained true to himself. His disgustingly brutal take about Mexicans, Muslims, women's genitalia, "his Blacks", big business, small government, DAPL, Obamacare, and tax cuts for the very rich spoke directly to the demographic he was trying to reach. They were and are here for it. He didn't resort to pandering, no. He spewed the ignorant, angry rhetoric of all those people who would rather die than spend a moment under an O-inspired administration (that's Obama, not Oprah). Hillary forgot about these White folk. She took them for granted. Trump didn't. That's why he won.

White liberals will never have to worry about the pressures of being Black in this country. On their skin's surface, White folk will always be given the proverbial nod in every arena of American life. Their only worry is to make sure they don't DO anything significant to reveal their sympathy for the plight of minorities, the oppressed, the underrepresented, and the poor. 

So, even if Trump makes good on every promise he made during the election to "Make America Great White Again," the worst of his administration's efforts won't make White people suffer more than Black folks will. Until "The Establishment" is overturned, being White will always afford them rights and privileges denied to everybody else. That's why they aren't really trippin' off Trump. You can take it or leave it.

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