Teen Uses 'Fake a Baby' Website to Con Her Boyfriend Into Thinking She Was Pregnant With Triplets

Teen Uses 'Fake a Baby' Website to Con Her Boyfriend Into Thinking She Was Pregnant With Triplets

WTF. you can fake a baby now? 

When sixteen year old Jordan heard his girlfriend, also sixteen, was pregnant, with not one baby but three babies, he was obviously nervous."I was excited, don't get me wrong, but I was scared," Jordan told Fox Detroit. "I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time."

His girlfriend, who remains unidentified, used a website called FakeABaby.com to simulate the images she needed to keep Jordan and his family convinced that she was pregnant. 

Fake Babies

The girl put Jordan's name on the ultrasound images, according to his aunt. The families began to grow excited and people began to show support for the young teenage parents to be. 

Fake Ultrasound

According to Fox Detroit, relatives even hosted a baby shower for the mother to be, who had already named her three babies— Ivan, Alice and Isabella. 

Real Cake

As the nine months came and went, and Jordan's family could not find the doctors the girl said she was seeing, suspicion mounted.

Then a woman from Ohio noticed something strange on a Facebook group page the young woman had joined: the ultrasound pictures were exact matches for others she had seen.

"Down to baby A, baby B, baby C, the placements of the babies - they're the exact same," said Tracy Matthews, one of Jordan's aunts. "You can put them side by side and the only difference you're going to see is that she used a fake doctor that doesn't exist."

At the ten month mark, the girl gave Jordan bad news, claiming she had lost the babies.

Suspicious now for multiple reasons, Tracy called the cops, who gave the girl a visit. Talking to detectives turned out to be a little intimidating, and the young woman claimed she had been pregnant, but lost the babies at six weeks.

The girl's brother backed up that story. 

"She lost the baby at six weeks... She didn't tell anybody; she was scared and didn't know what to do. All donations she took are being returned."

We hope both Jordan and his girlfriend spoke to someone and can got the help they need to get through this.

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