Take A Selfie & Talk To The DEAD Using This App

Take A Selfie & Talk To The DEAD Using This App
"With Me" App

The Tupac hologram was dope....

Now, tech geeks are stepping up their creepy game by letting you take a selfie and talk to the dead—no seance needed.

Get your "Sixth Sense" on with the new app called "With Me." It takes a 3D scan of the person you're missing, uploads that scan to your phone, then creates an artificial intelligence avatar to communicate with you.

The creator in South Korea says it's supposed to help you "overcome your wounded heart." Uh... how? With a heart attack? Because that might freak some people out.

Kinda reminds us of that Netflix sci-fi series Black Mirror. The series shows us how technology going HAM as "humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide."

"However, when we think about the reason why we take a picture or video, I could say, people want to leave their memories by what we can see forever," a spokesperson for the app told the Daily Mail.

You mean creating phony experiences, right? “It is not fake memories, I think, because it is 3D, realistic avatars,” the creator told the BBC.

Uh... oook.

You know darn well once this hits the market, it'll go from selfies with dead people... to fake pics with wannabe boo thangs and celebrities popping up all over IG.

"We are working on the development for making Avatar Cloud Service... to upload their avatars and buy celebrities avatar, clothes and other stuff related with avatars," the spokesperson said. "Now it is still in the process and we have to contact with celebrities' agent to get their avatars."

Smh... technology that lets you talk to the dead. What will they come up with next?

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