Special Needs 10-Year-Old Covered in Gas, Burned & Left To Die By Child Bullies

Special Needs 10-Year-Old Covered in Gas, Burned & Left To Die By Child Bullies

Well this is just every type of fucked up.

Kayden Culp, 10, was lured into a field by his friends, soaked in flammable liquid, and set on fire. He survived the incident, but is currently in an induced coma while being evaluated for skin grafts.

Kayden was used to be being picked on. He’s a special needs student, and described as ‘hyperactive’ by his aunt Tanya Kasper. “It was hard for us to allow him to go play. He wasn’t a regular 10-year old; you didn’t know who really had good intentions for him,” Kasper told FoxNews.com.

 “He has a very good personality. It just takes patience to deal with Kayden,” she added.

Despite his family’s misgivings, Kayden was allowed to go on a bike ride with a friend last weekend. Although ‘friend’ is clearly the wrong word, given what happened next.

The boy led Kayden to the middle of a large field where they met two other boys, all about the same age. One of them poured some form of gasoline or lighter fluid all over Kayden, then a second boy lit him on fire. How involved the third boy was is unclear.

Though if you knew some of the kids involved, the incident wasn’t as unpredictable as it might appear. “One has always had issues being destructive and disruptive, and his mom even made the comment that she wasn’t able to handle him,” Tanya told reporters.

Kayden suffered second and third degree burns on a quarter of his body. He was rushed to the hospital and survived the initial injuries, although doctors are very concerned with infection in the burned areas. Kayden’s been kept in a coma for medical reasons, but regained consciousness long enough this week to identify the boys who attacked him.

Since the story’s received national attention, a YouCaring page has raised well over $20,000 for Kayden medical care. At least one of the boys responsible has been charged with first-degree arson, despite being a minor. Kayden’s family – or at least his aunt – is hoping for even harsher charges:

“We want to keep in mind that these are kids, and they do need help. [But] we just want the proper justice done.”

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