Serena Williams' Engagement Ring Just Upped Her Bling Game

Serena Williams' Engagement Ring Just Upped Her Bling Game

Serena Williams is finally showing off her engagement ring, and suffice to say, the diamond is HUGE.

Williams recently got engaged to Alex Ohanian, one of the co-founders of Reddit. It’s been pointed out that while Ohanian is a rock star in internet circles, he hardly the type of actual rock star Serena’s been linked to in the past, i.e. Common and Drake.

But that didn’t stop the tech millionaire from showing his tennis legend bride-to-be just how strongly he feels about her – check out the size of this rock:

Williams originally posted the photo to Reddit with the title, “Engagement shoe game.” So the point wasn’t to show off the diamond, and yet it’s the first glimpse anyone’s gotten of the ring. There are no details as of yet, except what you can discern from this picture, which is that it’s huge.

Williams and Ohanian started dating late in 2015 after randomly meeting at a lunch. Reportedly Ohanian popped the question by taking Williams back to the same Italian restaurant.

Congrats to them both.

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