Baseball Team Threatens To “String A N****R Up”--Principals Suspended for Not Holding Students Accountable

Baseball Team Threatens To “String A N****R Up”--Principals Suspended for Not Holding Students Accountable

Listen: Karma is a b*tch. 

Two Tennessee high school principals have been suspended for ordering racist white students to write 10-page essays as punishment for planning to lynch Black students. If you're saying that's it? Join the club!!! read that correctly. These violent thugs got a slap on the wrist for planning to MURDER A BLACK STUDENT!!!

According to Bossip, Haywood High School Principal Dr. Jerry Pyron and assistant principal Tim Seymour's suspensions came after students, parents, and community members demanding that racist students —and those who coddle and enable them—truly be held accountable for their actions.

About 200 students at Haywood High School staged a walkout to protest the school administration’s pathetic response upon discovering the white students’ plan to lynch Black classmates. exclusively obtained screenshots of the conversation the white boys had and posted them on their website. 


One might wonder: Did the school expel these white boys? Nope. 

Surely, they must have suspended their accounts, someone with common sense might ask. No, again. 

Perhaps, school administrators called police and a hate crime investigation is under way? Nah.

Please note: Instead of anything resembling real punishment, administrators told these hate mongers to write a 10-page letter about what they did. The so-called school is clearly sending the message that no harm, no foul.  We mean, it’s not like they bought the rope, right? 

“At school, you’re supposed to protect the lives of everybody,” local recording artist Lil Will said. Lil Will, who attended Haywood High, now has family members who attend the school, so the incident strikes close to home for him.

“My little cousins are scared for their life,” he said. “You should be able to go to school without fear of being hanged.”

Dakota Phillips, one of the girls who participated in the conversation, has since apologized. “With everything that’s been going on. I would like to apologize,” Phillips wrote in a Facebook post.  “The things that were said should’ve never been said. I missed up I admit it. To the town of Brownsville I sincerely apologize. These messages were taken partially. I feel terrible for the things that I have said.”

OH PLEASE...No, Phillips just feels terrible about being caught. Sometimes, the light is painful when the Jr. hood comes off. 

Haywood County Schools Superintendent Joey Hassell said in a Facebook post that “hatred, racism, and bigotry have no place in our school district.”

Well, if plotting to lynch “n***ers” and “n***er-lovers” isn’t classified as hatred and racism, then every single Black parent needs to get their child the hell up out of that school district.

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