Say What?!! Mad Husband Sues NFL's Fletcher Cox for $50K for Allegedly Seducing His Wifey


Hmm. How do you put a price-tag on your spouse? One angry husband in North Carolina figures his woman is worth $50K and he’s determined to make Philadelphia Eagles player Fletcher Cox, 26, pay.

The two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle is being sued by Joshua Jeffords, 34, who claims Cox seduced his wife Catherine and ruined their marriage. In other words, the player is being sued for being a playa!

Cox, who inked a six-year, $102 million contract with the Eagles last year probably wouldn’t miss a mere $50K, but seriously… do you think he’s really going to have to pay it? If every “other man” or “other woman” in the U.S. was fined, this whole country would be bankrupt!

Jeffords claims that he had to seek mental health treatment for “substantial emotional distress,” and adds that he would have sued any man who messed with his wife…it’s not just because Cox is rich and famous. Uh-huh.

The Jeffords
The Jeffords in happier times /

According to the lawsuit, as reported by the Charlotte Observer, Jeffords claims he and his wife were happily married until this past September, when he discovered explicit text messages.

Here are some of the alleged texts from Catherine to Cox:

  • She called him “boo”
  • She wrote she was “loving everything you have to say”
  • “I really like you”
  • “We’d make some damn beautiful babies”
  • “I want to get to know you babe. I know we are compatible sexually”

Cox is apparently a man of few words – according to Jeffords, the NFL star sent his wife a photo of his package via Snapchat.

Cox (jokingly?) posted a Tweet last week asking: "WADIMISS" ...and he got some answers!

While it seems kind of easy to poke fun at this whole WTF lawsuit, Jeffords says, “It’s been a non-stop rollercoaster ride of bad emotions.” 

“I basically have to restart my whole life over this, and I no longer have the person I thought I was going to be with the rest of my life.” Jeffords added that Catherine refused to stop the affair and moved to Philadelphia. Bruh?!!!

Cox hasn’t directly commented on the lawsuit.

What do you think? Should this scorned spouse be allowed to sue the “other man,” especially if she was down to be with him in the first place? Weigh in here!

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