Brandy Launches New Feud With Monica Over Whitney Houston Birthday Post

Brandy and Monica in 2011
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Brandy has "had about enough" with Monica's "evil ass fans."

The 38-year-old triple threat posted a lengthy tribute dedicated to Whitney Houston, in honor of the late singer's birthday. It somehow managed to reignite her feud with Monica.

“Lord have mercy on my soul!!! Happy Born Day Whitney. You live on in me… I can feel your Spirit inside of me and all around me. My angel, my friend, my fairy God Mother. I love you forever… thank you for trusting me with your torch!!!” Brandy wrote. “I remember every moment with you and I and will cherish these miraculous moments forever and ever! I love you… 8/9-2/11 #WhitneyHouston.”

And while it seems sweet at first glance, Monica's fans think Brandy's tribute was a tad self-centered.

As the hate began to pour in, Brandy quickly shut down her haters and even went as far to blame it on Monica.

“Monica needs to really check her evil ass fans,” Brandy wrote. “It’s so much stuff I can post about hateful things they say to me … but I will never have time for that. Always thinking something is about her. It’s not!!!! Me and Whitney have nothing to do with anyone but the two of us … we made history and I cared more about being with her than I did with anything else."

But it didn't end there!

Brandy then asked Monica to “come get [her] hating ass pigeons and put them in their place the way [she] did for her when the starz was out of place."

"They’re low key Brandy fans anyway … always lurking and always creating new pages talking to me," she added. "I’m not to be F--ked with today! If this was rap or hip hop you would be praised for speaking your mind but since it’s RnB you have to take the so called high road … well because I can rap just look at this as my high road. Too real to be fake and because this is my idol’s birthday, I’m allowed to defend my position in her life and hers in mine. That’s what I have to hold on to.”

While it hasn't even been a full day, Monica seems unbothered and has stayed silent on the matter. The last time she spoke openly about Brandy was on "The Real" in 2016, saying the drama "doesn't bother her."

At the Soul Train Awards in November 2016, Brandy added more fuel to their beef when she changed the lyrics to “Talk About Our Love" and added references about "talking ish” and having their whole “fan base jump in” on the 'gram.


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