How Often Should A Person Your Age Be Having Sex?

How Often Should A Person Your Age Be Having Sex?

People, ages 25 to 45, were surveyed to see who was not a virgin. And, surprisingly, 2% of women and 5% of men reported that they were virgins!

Sex can be a personal act. Sometimes, it takes a lot to cross that initial threshold. Believe it or not, some people wait for "someone special" before having their cherry popped. Of course, that's not always the has been estimated that young adults (18-29) have A LOT of sex. 

In fact, the average young person has sex 112 times a year! Hot damn! While this number is different for each person, having sex is still prevalent among young people because of their lack of responsibilities, adrenaline, raging hormones, and newfound freedom.

That number drops by 7% for people in their 30s...unfortunately. Why? They (we're generalizing, of course) start to settle down and rear children, maybe adopt a dog or two. As a result, their sex lives slowly start to diminish. Compared to young adults, people in their 30s have sex 86 times per year. Which translates to a little over once a week. To be honest, that's not that bad. 

As the responsibilities keep piling on, fun in the bedroom becomes an afterthought in your 40s. An astonishing 12% decrease tells us that people in their 40s only have sex 69 times (yes, I am aware of the irony) each year on average.

If couples can make it through their 40s, then their sex lives are most likely to be reinvigorated after they turn 50. Makes sense, most of their responsibilities disappear. Kids go off to college. Animals die. Money starts to reappear in. Your 50s are a true time of sexual prowess and exploration! Yas!

We don't know about you, but we can't wait until we're 50.

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