Homeless Girls A Get Girl Scout Troop To Call Their Own In NYC

Girls Scouts Show Love
Girl Scouts

New York City is known for its beauty, speed and fashion. It's not however known for its friendly inhabitants, as a city that moves so fast has little room for pleasantries. That may soon change if the women behind Girl Scout Troop 6000 have anything to do with it. 

The troop consists of approximately 20 girls and their families, who live in a Sleep Inn Motel in Queens, New York. The first of its kind in New York City, Girl Scout Troop 6000 was started by Giselle Burgess in February, a single mother of five who became homeless after losing her home last August. 

Burgess sought help from New York's Department of Homeless Services and was able to successfully begin the troop, which was intended to help young girls and their family feel something that is often not focused on in such a large city, love. 

If you look in on the group at a meeting, you will probably see the girls having fun while learning arts and crafts, dancing and enjoying their newly found sisterhood with the other troop members. These girls are apart of the very first Girl Scout Troop in New York that was organized exclusively for homeless girls. 

Girl Scout Motto

In a city with nearly 62,000 homeless people living in shelters, finding someone to care about the less fortunate could seem like a hard process. That ended when Giselle Burgess decided to take matters into her own hands. The mission of this troop is to "instill girls with courage, confidence and character" says Burgess.  

There is a $25 membership fee, the dues and starter kit's cost are covered by the Girl Scouts of Greater New York. Troop 6000 is also accepting donations from supporters to complete other costs. 

There are 5 other Girl Scout troops in New York's other 5 boroughs labeled from 5000 to 1000 and these girls wear their badges with pride. Many feel they now have a sense of purpose and a place to go where they don't feel alone in the world.

To see someone reach out in such a way in tremendous. The world should be thankful that people that like Giselle Burgess exist. In a world where we have a president promoting classism and division, unity still exists. 

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