'Don't Tip Black People': Virginia Waitress Gets Racism Instead Of A Tip

'Don't Tip Black People': Virginia Waitress Gets Racism Instead Of A Tip

Some people just suck.

A black waitress in Virginia was stiffed on a tip. Instead of being rewarded for her effort, she was simply left a short note on the receipt: “Great service don’t tip black people.”

Server Kelly Carter didn’t want any attention for the incident. Though she says, “I looked at the receipt three times,” she just wanted to get on with her life.

But two other customers realized what was happening, took a picture of the receipt and uploaded it to social media, and the post promptly went viral.

According to Carter’s boss, there’s no doubt as to the authenticity of the receipt. A young couple, probably in their 20s, seemed to be sharing a perfectly normal meal before leaving the disgusting note. “It’s real,” says restaurant president Thomas Tellez. “It did happen.”

“It’s just appalling, disheartening, outrageous. All of the above,” he added.

The local NAACP caught wind of the incident and has expressed its outrage. Meanwhile, patrons have been flooding into the restaurant to be served by Carter and leave generous tips, or, in some cases, simply to drop off cash. A YouCaring page has already raised over $2,000 for the server.

But Carter would rather take the couple head on, one more time, in the restaurant. “Just me serving them will let them know they did not get the best of me,” she told reporters. “And I truly mean that.”

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