Ooops! Florida Church Apologizes After "Swallow Don't Spit" Sign

Bella Vista Baptist Church Sign
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Now this is funny. A Florida Church tries to get a little too creative with their out front welcoming sign. And now, they're begging for forgiveness.

A Clearwater, Florida native posted a picture of the church's sign with the caption: "I think someone is a little mad at their wife." Um...

Okay so, we know that some of y'all might be thinking that anyone who misinterpreted this sign needs to get their head outta the gutter. But if you give it a second thought...what else are we supposed to think? The phrase 'swallow don't spit' is almost exclusively used in reference to a sexual act...we all know the sexual act, too. 

Bella Vista Baptist Church

However, we're sure the sweet little elderly church volunteer that is responsible for brainstorming the weekly signpost did not intentionally mean for it to come across so sexual. It's still funny as heck, though. 

According to Orlando News Station WKMG the church says the sign was "completely innocent" and was "intended as encouragement to forgive."  Bless their hearts. After receiving so much criticism the church did take the sign down and apologized if they offended anyone. 

Bella Vista Baptist isn't the first to use the 'swallow don't spit' sign and catch heat from it. Back in 2016, Reverend Bob Marshall, of Ebenezer Baptist Chapel in Buckley, North Wales used the same sign. Check out Pastor's explanation.

Maybe just stick with Bible verses for the display sign from now on. 

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