Crazy! Chicago Man Stabs Brother-In-Law 25 Times During Fight On Bus

Crazy! Chicago Man Stabs Brother-In-Law 25 Times During Fight On Bus
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It's clear that these two need some serious family counseling!!!

A Chicago-area man has been accused of stabbing his brother-in-law at least 25 times while they were on a city bus.

According to The Chicago Tribune, prosecutors accused Darnell R. Scott, 37, of stabbing his 50-year-old brother-in-law Nov. 30th while they were both riding the bus.

Even worse: Scott partially disemboweled this man in front of the other passengers!!!

It all started when Scott walked past his brother-in-law on the bus without speaking to him. Apparently, the two of them do not have a good relationship with one another. Clearly! Then, the brother-in-law approached Scott and asked him if he had sent people to “jump him.”

That's when all hell broke loose! Scott threw a punch first and pulled out a knife during the fight. He stabbed the brother-in-law in the abdomen, arms, legs, neck and the back of his head. The attack was so gruesome that folks on the bus took out their cell phones and recorded it!

Thankfully, the brother-in-law wasn't killed. He was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition. 

Scott was also hospitalized for his injuries--bruises and a black eye--during the fight and was later arrested.

Officers found the knife and said that Scott admitted to them that he stabbed his family member.

Scott is currently in jail and was denied bond because he threw the first punch. He was also ordered to have no contact with the victim. (We would hope not!)

As of now, it's unknown what exact issues the two had with one another. But whatever it was, was it really worth all this? Of course, folks who ride Chicago's transit system are terrified of this type of senseless violence. "It's really crazy, crazy. Crime needs to stop," CTA rider Shirley Alrich told ABC7 News.

Other folks told the news station that the transit agency needs to do more to keep other passengers safe. "It's scary out here, there's so much going on. There's a lot going on. It's not safe to be walking or standing right here," said Domonique Hall, CTA rider.

The CTA told ABC7 in a statement that bus operators are trained to handle emergency situations, and "... in this incident, the operator immediately notified our Control Center, which alerted Chicago Fire and Chicago Police."

"You think you're safely, but you're not. Getting on and off. It's sad, really sad," said Shirley Alrich, CTA rider.

FAM: What do you think of all this? Do you feel safe riding public transit? Weigh in...

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