Foolish Prank?!: Black Doll Hung By Noose In PA School...Officials Shrug Off As Prank

black doll hanging
The Root

In Trump’s America, nooses are making a sad and scary comeback!

Officials from a Pennsylvania high school say they found a Black baby doll hanging from a noose from their locker room ceiling, NBC 5 reported.

BUT PEEP THIS!  They just SWEAR this incident wasn’t racial.

“After our administrators interviewed team members, both white and Black, it appears that the students said this was a foolish prank and the intent was not to cause racial intimidation,” Coatesville Area School District, Cathy Taschner wrote in a statement last week.


Apparently, all this mess started when members of Coatesville Area High School’s cross-country team passed around the doll as the team’s “mascot.” But the coach didn’t have time for this nonsense, snatched the doll up and threw it in the trash. Later, they found it hanging.

“It was there for several weeks until a team member decided to use his tie to hang it down from the ceiling, where it was recently discovered, smeared with toothpaste,” Taschner said.

After pictures of the hanging doll went viral, parents went AWF and demanded that the school get to the bottom of this potential hate crime. After speaking to the students involved, school officials concluded this had nothing to do with threatening lynching or race.

“Regardless, this is foolish and offensive, and not the kind of behavior we expect or accept from our students,” Taschner said.

She added: “We very much regret any upset and concern this incident has caused our students, staff, parents or community members. We will use this incident as a reminder that our actions really do matter, and that we expect our Coatesville Area School District students to act with integrity at all times.”


Look, it’s 2017! We all know what a Black person hanging from a rope means. We need this school to get a grip and do better!!!

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