Blac Chyna Reminds Rob Kardashian On The 'Power Of P*ssy' In New Music Video

blac chyna and belly in "p.o.p. (power of p*ssy)" music video
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Vajayjay. Lady bits. Coochie. 

Whatever you wanna call it, Belly's here to tell you ALL about it — with Blac Chyna's help, of course.

The Palestinian-Canadian rapper got Chyna to make an appearance in his new music video for the NSFW song "P.O.P. (Power of P*ssy)," which premiered on YouTube at midnight Thursday.

Though she's rumored to be launching a rap career sometime in the near future, the 29-year-old reality star/former stripper does little more than lick her lips and stroke her $100,000 curves for most of the video. 

You're gonna wanna pay attention to the end of the clip, though: As Chyna smirks and rolls her eyes, Belly raps the following lines: "You were seduced by her sin / Don't let Lucifer in / She took you for everything / You let her do it again."

TMZ reported that the lyrics were *not* inspired by Rob Kardashian, Chyna's revenge porn-posting ex, though you could've fooled us. 

Check out the video below and come to your own conclusions:

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