Busted! When Your Mama Busts You & You're Gettin' A Whoopin'!

Mama Caught On Tape Chasing Her Son With Belt
Screenshot via Youtube

You know he did something he wasn't supposed to....and so does his mama as she chases him with her belt.  If you need a good laugh today, too funny!

We don't know what this kid did. All we know is, if his mama catches him, he's gon' get it!!!

Mama ain't playin'!

If you know like we know from ducking and dodging whoopins' back in the day, you're probably thinking he shoulda just found the strength to take his punishment like a man. Hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm. He wasn't ready.

You think he's gonna slide his way outta this one....not today, son!!! Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

Watch the video for a great laugh.

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