Single Mom Returns Cash to Wells Fargo After ATM 'Makes It Rain'

Single Mom Returns Cash to Wells Fargo After ATM 'Makes It Rain'
DelcoTimes/Kristina Edwards

Can you honestly say you would have done the same thing?

Kristina Edwards, 35, had an ATM literally raining $20 bills all over her. But instead of taking the money and running, she figured out what happened, and returned all that free cash.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of: you walk up to an automatic teller, maybe to deposit a check or grab a few bucks for dinner later. But then, out of nowhere, the machine starts throwing cash at you like you’re in a rap video.

#BestDayEva, right?

Not for Edwards. The single mother had just pulled up to a drive-thru ATM to grab $60 for groceries. The machine did indeed give her three $20 bills – and then everything went nuts.

“As soon as [the cash dispensing slot] opened, I heard another slot open. It literally started spitting $20s out.”

This lasted about thirty seconds, ‘earning’ Edwards a whopping $380.

She says she could barely process what she was seeing: “Did that really just happen to me?... I panicked. It was like something out of a movie.”

Edwards quickly checked her bank account and confirmed that the extra dough didn’t come out of her accounts. And she immediately determined to do the right thing.

First, she spotted the truck that’d been in front of her in the drive-thru line across the street. She drove over, waved him down, and checked to see it was perhaps his cash deposit. It wasn’t.

Her next step was to call the bank. Wells Fargo unsurprisingly told Edwards to give it back to them – though when she did, apparently the bank took it without so much as a thank you.

Edwards was a little insulted, but knows she did the right thing. “Somebody deposited that money. It could have been their paycheck. I’m a singly mother of two, $380 to me is a lot. I was concerned about the person who is losing it.”

So, be honest: what would you have done?

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