A Dude Named ‘Prune Head’ Arrested For Sticking Up A Kid's Birthday Party

A Dude Named ‘Prune Head’ Arrested For Sticking Up A Kid's Birthday Party
Rufus 'Prune Head' Gates

Well, you can clearly see how "Prune Head" got his nickname. This dude's head is all shriveled up like a dried up raisin.

Prune Head, whose real name is Rufus Gates, is just 17 years old. But he's doing hard time for robbing a gang of kids at a birthday party in South Carolina. He pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary and has been sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Prune Head and another guy stormed into a motel room back in 2015. Inside were four kids and two adults who'd gathered for the birthday celebration. Police say they pushed all six victims into a corner and made them empty their pockets. 

With a head like that, it wasn't hard to spot Prune Head who was caught nearby. And now that his mug shot is out... social media is going IN!!!

LOL!!! That's just wrong!!! 

So, how the hell did his head end up like this? Well, it may be a rare condition called "cutis verticis gyrata." In other words, Medscape describes it as "the scalp manifesting as convoluted folds and furrows formed from thickened skin of the scalp." It can cause mental problems.

So stop laughing... and pray for Prune Head. He needs it because we're sure they're not being kind to this knucklehead in juvie.

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