63-Yr-Old Woman Quits Job To Be A Trainer...Look at Her Now!

63 Year Old Trainer
Photo Credit: Google

May We introduce to you, Ellen Ector. A mother of five, grandmother of four, former social worker, and now fitness instructor. Snatched from head-to-toe, and did we mention that she is 63 years old?

Ector dedicated 20 years to being a social worker, and in 2009 she decided to quit her job to become a fitness instructor. “I said, ‘Either you’re gonna do this fitness thing or you’ll be working for someone else for the rest of your life.”

Now co-owner of Gymnastic Fitness and Gym Juice located in Atlanta, GA. Ector with her daughter Lana, also released a workout DVD series titled ,” Black Girls Workout Too!”, which has a strong social media following. #BossLadyRealness

Ector hopes that by leading by example she can encourage more minorities, especially black women to pursue healthier lifestyles. She hopes that as a role model more women of color will become interested in physical fitness as well. “Don’t use your body as a dump. Stop dumping in boyfriend problems, stop dumping in the bad food!” says Ector.

Looking Good Ellen! Thank you for showing us that even though black doesn’t crack, you still have to take care of your body, and surround yourself with positivity!

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