6 Signs You Might Be A Bad Kisser

Signs Of A Bad Kisser

When you kiss, do ya tense up? Do ya leave tons of slobber everywhere? Have ya made people bleed while french'n? If you're struggling with getting to second base after failed make-out session after another, it could be because you're a bad kisser. Unsure? Here's some signs that you're sucking face the wrong way.


They are all smiles until you start making out, then all of sudden they have a meeting early in the morning and they gotta jet.


Your mate turns the other way when you lean if for a smooch. Or, maybe you're kissing more cheeks and foreheads than actual lips. Never a good sign.

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They're constantly suggesting different angle or pushing you away, but you just think it's because they're just being bossy and controlling. News flash. You're actually the jerk.


During sex, the other person would rather suck pillow than your face. Oh, and if they're constantly looking for sex positions that positioning your face as far from them, you might be the Steve Urkel of smoochin'.


After a make-out session, your kissing partner needs to wash their face, put on moisturizing, apply anti-histamine cream, or apply tons of ChapStick. If your technique requires your one true love to perform a facial afterwards, than you need to reevaluate your approach.


If you draw blood, break teeth, chap lips, or rub the top layer of derma off your sweetheart's face, you need to stop kissing now and maybe pay a professional to teach you how to kiss better. That must exist by now. Google it.

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