4 Latina Women Were Asked If They're "From Here" By A California Waiter

4 Latina Women Were Asked If They're "From Here" By A California Waiter
KristiReyes1/Twitter/Washington Post

This is what dining out looks like in the age of Trump:

A California waiter has been fired from an upscale restaurant after he demanded to see four Latina guest’s IDs, because he wanted to be sure that they were “from here.”

Diana Carrillo, her sister, and two friends stopped at Saint Marc restaurant in Huntington Beach for a bite to eat. Carrillo had been there before, but never experienced anything like this.

As soon as they sat down, their male waiter walked over and asked for proof of residency, saying, “I need to make sure you’re from here.”

The women handed over their drivers licenses, and only after a few moments had passed did they realize what had just happened.

Understandably fuming with rage, the women complained to the manager and immediately left. Carrillo would later post about the incident on Facebook:

According to the restaurant, that waiter was let go soon after the incident, though their statement is careful not to peg racial bias as the reason. “I don’t know if he had an agenda or not,” said the senior director of operations for Saint Marc. “My concern is he violated a company policy. We’re very specific about how we treat out guests. That individual did not treat a table of guests to the expectations that we set forth in that company policy, and that caused him to be terminated.”

As an apology, the four girls were offered a ‘VIP experience’ at the restaurant, and were told that 10% of the weekend’s profit would go to the charity of their choosing. They declined the meal, but did specify that the donation go to Orange County Immigrant Youth United.

Carrillo, for her part, didn’t want to tell her mother about the incident (though she’d later find out via Facebook). But she’s not shy about suggesting who’s really to blame for her traumatizing experience – the 24-year old reportedly wonders if the situation is because of, “who is President.”

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