#HotWaterChallenge Prank Scars 11-Yr-Old After Friend Pours Boiling Water On Her Face During Sleepover

"hot water challenge" victim jamoneisha merritt
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Jamoneisha Merritt dozed off at a sleepover in New York City early Monday morning, believing she was with a close friend.

She woke up to a world of pain.

The 11-year-old suffered horrific burns to her face, shoulders, neck, and chest after another girl at the sleepover poured scalding water onto her as she slept as part of a cruel "prank," police say.

According to the Sacramento Beeanother 12-tear-old girl had doused Jamoneisha with the water as part of a "game" called the "hot water challenge" where a person is surprised with a bucket of boiling water poured onto them. 

Aniya Grant Stuart, the girl behind the attack, is now being charged with felony assault. Her mother told the NY Daily News that Aniya tried to commit suicide after realizing what she had done to Jamoneisha.

“My daughter tried to stab herself with a knife,” Shernett Panton said. “It was a prank — not a good prank. But after she saw what she did to (Jamoneisha) was really wrong, she tried to kill herself.”

Panton added that the girls have basically spent the entire summer together and "always pranked each other," though she didn't know what Aniya was thinking when she dumped hot water on her friend.

Jamoneisha's mother Ebony told NY 1 her daughter remains in the burn unit in a lot of physical and emotional pain. 

So far, Jamoneisha has not been given a mirror to see her disfigured appearance. 

"She's very sad. She's emotionally messed up. She don't understand why they did that to her," Ebony Merritt said. "She thought they was her friends."

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